Philip Ahn
Philip Ahn


Philip Ahn

Name: Philip Ahn

Born:29 March 1905

Age:72 years (28 February 1978 Died)

Born country:Los Angeles, CA

Father name: AhnChangho

Status: Expire

Profession: Actor

Philip Ahn Family Introduction


Father: AhnChangho

Siblings: Susan Ahn Cuddy

With the help of the Korean government, he created a park in honor of his father, who had angered the Japanese government with his work for independence.

Philip Ahn Career

Philip Ahn was one of Hollywood’s best-known Asian character actors.During a career spanning more than 40 years, Philip Ahn played over 270 character roles, often appearing as the hated Japanese officer in World War II films.

Ironically, he was the son of a Korean patriot, Chang Ho Ahn, who spent most of his life resisting Japanese rule in his country. In 1932, the elder Ahn, then head of Korean politics and education, was arrested after being involved in a bomb attack that killed Japanese figures. He died in a Japanese prison camp six years later.

During his career, Philip Ahn rarely played for Koreans and was later known for his work as a wise old Chinese patriarch of the television series “Kung Fu”.

Philip Ahn’s first contact with the film world occurred when carpet breaker Douglas Fairbanks spotted Ahn waiting near his car for his teenage actress, actress Anna May Wong, who was working on her first big film.

Philip Ahn Personal

Philip Ahn was actively complicated in the Korean community of Los Angeles. He worked to make Los Angeles a sister city of Pusan, Korea. He also helped bring the Korean bell of friendship to San Pedro, California. The friendship Bell has been seen in many subsequent films. He has been Honorary Mayor of Panorama City, California for twenty years.

He worked to have his father and mother suppressed together in Seoul. His father had been suppressed the future from the city because the Japanese expected to minimize his work for independence. Philip Ahn mother had died in California. They had not seen each other since Dosan returned to Korea in 1926, before the birth of his youngest son. Working with the Korean government, Philip Ahn helped create a park to honor his father and have his parents buried there.

In the 1950s, Philip Ahn opened a Chinese restaurant with his sister, Soorah. Phil Ahn’s Moongate is one of the first Chinese restaurants in Panorama City in the San Fernando Valley. It lasted more than thirty years before closing its doors.

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Death: Philip Ahn died on February 28, 1978, due to complications from surgery.


Philip Ahn Movie Roles

Philip Ahn’s first film was A Cry in the Night in 1935. He appeared in Bing Crosby’s Anything Goes, although director Lewis Milestone initially rejected it because his English was too good for the game. His first credited roles appeared in 1936 in The General Died at Dawn and Stowaway, opposite Shirley Temple.

He played Korean characters in Korean War movies such as Battle Circus (1953) and Battle Hymn (1956).

Philip Ahn Television Roles

Philip Ahn most notable role on television was “Master Kan” in the ABC television series Kung Fu. Presbyterian, Philip Ahn felt that the Taoist homilies cited by his character did not contradict his own religion.