Heidi Russo
Heidi Russo

Heidi Russo

Heidi Russo is the biological mother of National Football Russo gave Colin up for adoption shortly after giving birth to him. She tried to fix her relationship after Colin became a soccer star.

Quick Truth

Born: 1969

Famous: Family Members American Girls

Age: 51 Years, 51 Year Old Boys

Created Nation: United States

Biological Mother

Spouse/Ex-: Heath Russo

Father: James Zabransky

Mother: Phyllis

BOOST of Heidi Russo

Heidi Russo is the biological mother of National Football League (NFL) player Colin Kaepernick. Russo gave Colin up for adoption soon after giving birth to him. She started hogging the limelight when she strove to mend her relationship with Colin Kaepernick when he had established himself as a football quarterback. But, Kaepernick has ignored her efforts as he does not need to return with his biological mother. Heidi Russo is a licensed nurse, currently living in Denver, Colorado. She is the co-founder of an advocacy group called’Linked Thru Love,’ which aims at end stereotypes connected with adoption and birthmothers.

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Historical Life

Heidi Russo was born in 1969 in the USA of America, to Phyllis and James Zabransky. As a teenager, she turned right into a relationship with an African-American man who abandoned her when he realized she was pregnant with his kid. She had her son Colin on November 3, 1987, when she was only 19 years old. Although her parents claimed to support her, she choose to not raise her son because she had been convinced that she wouldn’t be able to give him with the kind of life she would want for him. Though Rick and Teresa had two kids, they decided to adopt Colin because they had lost two other children to heart defects. Even after committing Colin up for adoption, Heidi was connected with his foster parents who kept sending her Colin’s pictures until he turned seven once they lost contact with one another. Colin Kaepernick grew up to become a football quarterback.
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Rise to Fame

ยท Heidi started hogging the limelight when she attempted calling Colin Kaepernick after he’d become famous. But, Colin remained away from his biological mother as he believed reuniting with her would be an act of betrayal for his loving foster parents. But Heidi continues to make attempts to reunite with her biological son. She has also stated that she regrets giving him up for adoption but believes that she made the perfect decision. She even messages him frequently through social media platforms, for example Twitter.

Heidi Russo made headlines 2016 when she chased Colin to get a controversy during one of his games. In order to protest against police brutality, Colin had made a decision to stay seated when the national anthem has been played until the start of a match. His conclusion irked his biological mother who took to her Twitter page to rebuke him. She said that Colin might have found other ways to protest and that disrespecting the national anthem is not the ideal option. She also asked him to be smarter while dealing with sensitive issues in the future. Though some of her followers supported her, many criticized her for rebuking Colin on a public platform.

Heidi Russo Family & Personal Life

Heidi Russo joined hands with Jami Marcantonio to place up with an Advocacy group called’Linked Thru Love.’ The group aims at ending stereotypes Associated with birthmothers. The team also aims at creating people understand The concept of adoption. She has also established a non-profit organization called ‘Three Strands,’ which extends support to biological mothers. Heidi is also a Certified nurse and is very successful in her profession. She is currently married Into Heath Russo with whom she has three kids, namely Michael, Ethan, and Three kids.