Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil for skin

I have had many people recommend both Aloe Vera gel and coconut oil separately for all sorts of skin problems. I originally started using aloe vera gel years ago as an after sun product, and liked both the cooling effect as well as how it seemed to calm down the skin. It’s also a great product to heal minor burns. I then tried it on my super dry skin all over, and just didn’t find it nourishing enough… it actually makes the skin feel even drier even though it helped a little with the look of the skin. I’ve tried coconut oil in the past as well and while it leaves skin very soft I didn’t really see enough of an healing impact to offset the greasy feeling. It didn’t really help fight itching either.


But recently I got one of those “light bulb goes off in your head” moments when I read a comment on another site by someone who was using both products at the same time and had had great results alleviating psoriasis on his face. It didn’t completely cure it, but removed the scaling and left only some redness. The idea behind using both is that aloe vera will help heal and sooth irritated and inflamed skin, while coconut oil will moisturize and soften and help renew damaged skin to its normal state. It is extremely important that you use only pure 100% aloe vera gel, and choose a good quality organic virgin coconut oil as well. Especially for lichen sclerosus and psoriasis this two level approach can be very beneficial, especially as general care in between flare ups. Some people use aloe over night, and coconut oil during the day, or vice versa. Others apply aloe first after a shower and then 30 min later apply the coconut oil. As with most things, everyone will have to find what works best for them by trying different approaches.


You can also just mix the two together. I’m trying coconut oil during night and aloe vera during the day just because that’s easier and faster when getting dressed in the mornings. The skin on my ankle has improved just after a week although it is still pretty rough. But positive enough results to keep going. Between flareups when you skin can take it, you can make a great skin scrub by mixing two cups of pure sea salt, one cup of pure aloe vera, one cup of organic coconut oil and two tbsp of organic honey.Coconut Oil For Natural, Luxurious Skin And Hair Care  Easy Options Mar 19, 2012  Coconut has enjoyed wide publicity lately as a healthy food in the form of coconut water and coconut oil. But it can also be a regular part of a natural, chemical-free beauty regimen. And while over-the-counter cosmetics may contain questionable ingredients, extra-virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil is safe, non-toxic and high in lauric acid, an antimicrobial well suited for cleansing your skin.

Oil All Over Coconut oil can be used from head to toe, and not only does it provide noticeable benefits, it’s a great natural way to pamper yourself. Nothing feels more luxurious than a coconut facial cleanse. As remarkable as it may sound, oil is great for thoroughly cleansing your face without leaving it stripped and dried. You may be quite surprised the first time you try it, and many folks indulge in the oil at least two or three times a week.Oil-Cleansing Method Face-care experts explain that “oil dissolves oil.” You may be skeptical at first and worry that coconut oil will leave you with an oily face, but that’s not the case at all. Massaging oil into your face is extremely relaxing and therapeutic —like a spa treatment. Here’s how: You need a carrier oil to mix with the coconut oil. You can use castor oil because it is known for its ability to penetrate deeply into several layers of the skin. Pull your hair back and have a washcloth nearby. Coconut oil solidifies unless stored in a very warm room.


Scoop almost half a teaspoonful of it into your hands hand and hold your palms together to melt it. Then add a little less than a dime-size amount of castor oil to that. Warm the oils together in your hands and smooth and massage all over your face and neck for several minutes, including your brows and eyelids, coating your eyelashes (eyes closed). After a couple of minutes, wet the washcloth under very warm water, wring it out and lay it over your face till it cools. Do this twice. Then rinse the washcloth again and gently wipe excess oil from your face. You’ll be surprised at how good your skin feels and how little oil is left.

You may prefer to do this before bedtime or on a day when you’re not going to slather your face with makeup.Deep-Conditioning Hair Treatment A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science shows that coconut oil applied to the hair reduces hair breakage and damage. Depending on the length of your hair massage, work in a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil into damp hair. Wrap your hair in a warm towel for at least 20 minutes, or longer if your hair is very dry. Rinse and wash at least two times to remove excess oil.

The more oil you use, the more washes may be necessary to remove all of the oil. A little goes a long way. A small of amount of coconut oil can de-frizz dry hair and helps tame the fly-aways. After styling, massage less than a pea-size amount of oil between your palms and massage into the ends of your hair.Soothe Dry Lips And Speed Healing Of Cold Sores Before bed, apply a thin layer of coconut oil to your lips to help hydrate them. Again, due to the supportive properties of lauric acid, it is believed that coconut oil can speed the healing of cold sores and dry, chapped or cracked lips.Bath Drizzle coconut oil into your bath water for a moisturizing and relaxing therapeutic experience.

The coconut smell also provides soothing aromatherapy.Cuticle Conditioner Massage into cuticles and nail bed for healthier cuticles and nails.Feet and Heels After soaking feet in warm water with a little coconut oil added to the water, mix equal amounts of castor oil and coconut oil and massage directly into feet, especially the heel area. Cover with socks and allow the castor oil to help the coconut oil penetrate deeply.Remove Eye Makeup Coconut oil removes eye makeup easily. Gently rub a little onto your eyelid, keeping the eye tightly closed, and wipe off excess with a warm, wet washcloth.


Coconut oil is beneficial enough to allow you to luxuriously enjoy taking extra care of yourself naturally and avoid the additives that cosmetic companies imbue in their products. A quick Internet search provides lots of direction on how to use coconut oil for your skin and hair care routines. Have fun trying them out and enjoy the benefits.