Alkaline food lists Benefits

Maintaining a balanced PH is one of the most important things we can do to enjoy vibrant health and avoid disease. Unfortunately, most people are far too acidic, which creates an environment open to unwanted invaders and ill health. The incredible rise in modern day diseases is a symptom of our overly acidic diets.In fact, many claim it is almost impossible to get cancer when our bodies are consistently alkaline. Furthermore, eating from a list of alkaline foods keep us vibrant and younger looking.Fortunately, becoming more alkaline is not as difficult or as technical as it sounds. Balancing our PH can be done simply by consuming more foods and drinks which have an alkaline effect on the body.Here is a list of Alkaline Foods for optimum health Alkaline food lists Some of the most acidic foods are:* White flour* Sugar* artificial sweeteners* ready made meals* processed meats* alcohol, Beer & Wine* Carbonated drinks * Coffee* cakes* Cheese* ice cream* milk* MSGS ome of the healthiest acidic foods are brown rice, oats, fish, beans and lentils.Most experts suggest eating four times more from the list of alkaline foods than from the acidic foods. Don’t get stressed if you don’t achieve this, it’s an ideal to shoot for.The most important thing we can do is to ensure that the majority of foods that Alkaline food listsĀ  we eat are fruits and vegetables.