hugot lines
hugot lines

13 Greatest Hugot Lines Love, Travel and Work (Tagalog)

hugot lines Pinoys are so imaginative that even the tiniest things, we could make amusing and witty lines which most of us relate to if it is about work, traveling, love or life.

I am aware that you are also looking for the web for the ideal Hugot Lines Love on the market, well do not feel sorry no longer because I have search the whole net to provide you a few of the funniest and wittiest hugot traces . In Tagalog, ito ang mga hugot traces sa pag-ibig, trabaho in the traveling. Here are some of it. Please be aware that I don’t have these hugot lines, therefore I’m giving appropriate credit to the owners. Let us revel in and begin! see Dave chappelle net worth

Best hugot lines english

This is our part. Enjoy keeps us alive and on fire, that is why those Hugot Lines Love traces will surely bring back some good and bad memories. Well, what is significant correct that we have loved and heard along the way? Let us begin.

  1. I select you nga, pero you wan na na capture all of them.
    Why do you do this? Am I not enough? What do you think about us? Things which you choose which is ideal for you and may gather? Hahaha! by best hugot lines

2. Enjoy parang barya lang po sa umaga. Alam mo naman na di ka nagbigay kapa ng buo.
Oh ! That is much more painful than having no”sukli” at the morning. Hahaha! Why are we so confident that we’ll be loved back? Aba, I really don’t understand. Hahaha

3. Nangaliwa or pangangaliwa has another significance for the Filipino language. This means your love only found a new one, and according to this hugot, I believe she is more beautiful than

4. Taken na nga, for awarded naman hahaha
Being in a relationship does not guarantee happiness. Hahaha! by hugot lines english

5. May nag suggest, bigla kang nag react #Ampalaya
For your pals that are bitter. LOL!

Yeah she was abandon by you, then you realized that she is becoming more beautiful. You left her recall? LOL!

6. Sa pag-ibig, walang bulag pipi in bingi, pero tanga madami.
And among these is you? Obviously, you are never going to admit it. Hahaha!

7. Isa lang ang manner para maka proceed on Pakabusog ka by hugot lines
Try this. I believe that this is a strategy. LOL!

8. Minsan ikaw, minsan mata.
You could not read thoughts ? by hugot lines about love

9. You understand the reason, although this is to your buddy who keeps complaining of getting no love life? You are her friend. Choosy kasi siya. Hahaha! Yung mga pwede na, laman tiyan din, pero ayaw pa rin nya. LOL! by Hugot Lines Love

10. Na-catch mo na lahat pati na Feelings ko.
This is but a very simple method of saying, Nasayo na ang lahat. Hahaha! The sense of being in love. Naks.

11. Traveling tayo, tapos libre mo ulit ako. Appreciate you by Hugot Lines Love
She’s a traveler, also she’s user-friendly. LOL! For fairness’ interest, he’s a traveler, and he’s a user friendly. Hahaha!

12. Gusto mo ng magandang tanawin, tumitig ka sa sa akin by hugot lines
This can be you. LOL! I hope your crush has got the